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At eMediaSuite.com our mission is to help companies move away from interruptive marketing tactics. That’s why we’re offering free marketing assessments — to show you how to do marketing the inbound way. As part of your assessment we will evaluate your current social media presence and show you how you can stand out among the “me toos” out there.

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What Our Clients Say:

“I’m currently using eMediaSuite to expand my social media presence. I appreciate the marketing tools they utilize daily to help elevate my real estate business. EMediaSuite offers a high-value marketing proposition for their clients.”

Lori Holden Sjostedt

Realtor, Haring Realty

“He is one of the few marketers that not only markets for you, but through his own networking of people has brought me numerous clients.”
Randy Sokol

Sokol & Associates

“I’m very pleased with the social media maintenance Bernie and his company eMediaSuite.com has provided for my real estate business.”

Amanda Harris

Realtor, Wilson Family Realty

“There is no doubt that the pictures from OhioPaparazzi.com have increased our engagement and awareness on our Facebook page. Their approach while taking pictures is un-intimidating and puts our customers at ease.”

George Cela

Beechwood Diner

“I signed up with Bernie Fernandez and his company eMediaSuite.com on Feb 14, 2021, to maintain my Business Facebook page, and in less than 2 weeks my People Reach went up 8550%. I no longer have to worry about if, what, and when to post. Thank you Bernie for reaching out to me with your services.” 

Loretta Wade

Realtor, Haring Realty

“I am very happy with the results I’ve experienced using Bernie and his company eMediaSuite.com maintaining my social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin).  It has definitely helped me put my focus where it needs to be.  Which is taking care of my clients.”

Michelle Chopko

Realtor, The Holden Agency

“Bernie’s real estate posts were excellent. I received many comments online in regards to what he was posting for my account. The posts were relevant and thought-provoking, encouraging responses from potential clients. Bernie has been great to work with and is very responsive to all of my questions or concerns.  Thanks, Bernie!”

Nate Haring

Haring Realty

“Bernie and his company eMediaSuite.com has been great at taking care of my social media platforms this past year.  They have saved me so much time and just as he told me he has helped me increase my productivity which has freed me for other responsibilities like finding buyers and sellers.  Thank you!
Stacy Trout

Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“I think you have a needed business model for many of us.”
DeLena Ciamacco

Realtor, RE/MAX Connection Realtors

“The personal touch Bernie gives to us is invaluable. They handle everything from our weekly newsletters, social media, and website maintenance. Always returns our calls within an hour without fail.”

Jon Self

Big Walnut Grill

“Being someone that used to run the social media for my previous business I am very happy with what Bernie and his company eMediaSuite.com has done for my real estate business.  I highly recommend utilizing Bernie’s company services.”
Cassie Swisher

Realtor, Haring Realty

“I’m very thankful that I took Bernie’s phone call to help enhance my social media presence.  His business eMediaSuite.com and services have definitely increased my productivity and freed me for other responsibilities.  I no longer have to worry about what to post and when to post.  I’m in Florida, but Bernie is so responsive to my calls and texts that I think he’s next door.  Thank you Bernie!” 
Lori Arendes

Realtor, Century 21

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