Email Campaigns

A Digital marketing manager often places email marketing as one of his or her main marketing tools. You may have heard that an “email subscription list” is one of the most valuable assets a company can own. However, it is only valuable if the individuals on the list opted-in to your email messages and they actually read what you sent them!

When we work with clients on their digital marketing campaigns, they’re often tempted to take the easy way out. Upload a bunch of names and spam them! Clearly this is not a good strategy and does not result in a positive response. One exception I would make is putting contacts from throughout the year into a lead nurturing program in which your goal is to have them opt-in for the long haul. You’re usually OK to do this for a finite period. But you cannot spam them for ever! It lowers the value of your list!

Two Key Elements

Throughout my time working with clients to grow this valuable asset I have found two things that have always increased the size and value of email lists significantly. They may seem simple, common sense strategies but our clients are always surprised by how effective they are. I hope you will have the same pleasant surprise.

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